Today was my zero day in Ashland. I had done most of what I needed to do in town yesterday, so I did not have many necessary tasks.

As usual in town and on trail I woke early. I spent some time on my phone waiting for the hotel breakfast to start.

The main attraction of Ashland is Oregon Shakespeare Festival. During the morning I decided I would catch a showing as I was here. I decided on Othello at 1330.

Before the showing I went to the center of town to browse the gear stores. One of the gear stores is staffed by former thru hikers and I spent some time talking to one of them. I also bought some insect repellent that does not contain deet. Deet is generally bad for you and also destroys a lot of synthetic fabrics. Oregon has a reputation for bad bugs so I figure it is best to be prepared.

Before the Shakespeare show I got some lunch.

The theatre show was really interesting since I have not watched any theatre since childhood theatre shows.

Afterwards I picked up some dinner and relaxed while watching TV in my room.

I have also heard there might be some snow coming up in Oregon. Hopefully it will not be too bad. Washington also has some snow right now but that should mostly be gone by the time I get there.

In Oregon there are some dry stretches coming up. To make these easier to manage while hiking I have noted the milages of reliable water sources for the entire state.

I have already bought resupply for most of the state except the last 100 miles. I will buy that resupply in Olallie Lake Resort.

Looking at my resupply plan it is easily seen that Oregon is really short. Also I do not plan to go in to any towns so unless there are some bad conditions I expect to be in Cascade Locks very quickly, probably within 14 days.

Tomorrow I have booked a taxi to take me back to the trail leaving at 0730. This should give me just enough time to get breakfast at the hotel before leaving.