Hello there!

My name is Martin Caspersen, I live in the very flat scandinavian country of Denmark. Most of my life I have lived just north of the capital (Copenhagen), I have however lived a short while in Brisbane, Australia.

Education wise it has taken me a while to find the right path for me. Initially I finished an education for Master Mariner. Following the education I spent a year working on a Supply Vessel in the North Sea as a Navigator. The time spent on the education and in the job were rewarding in their own ways however I quickly discovered that I it was not the right job for me.

Once I had taken that decision I started a degree as IT Engineer at the Technical University of Denmark. I finished the degree in the beginning of 2016 and have worked in the field for the same company ever since.

I have a big love for being outdoors. In my day-to-day life most of my time outdoors is spent running where I generally try and push for distance over speed. When I get a chance what I really like to do is to go hiking. In particular I like hiking in mountainous and generally strenous terrain. Until 2018 my hiking experience was limited to somewhat shorter trips with the highlights being a 4-day hike in New Zealand and a thru-hike of the GR20 on Corsica.

In 2018 that changed as I thru-hiked the PCT, the Pacific Crest Trail, in the US. I have dreamed about thru-hiking the PCT ever since I first heard about it in 2011. I started my hike on the 31st of March and finished in Canada 115 days later. The hike was an amazing experience and I have written a myriad of blog posts detailing the experience.

 Adventures in the New Zealand Southern Alps.
Adventures in the New Zealand Southern Alps.
Adventures in the New Zealand Southern Alps.

See you out there! Martin Caspersen martinca[a]gmail.com