I got up early today when the other hikers were breaking camp. I was a bit quicker than usual in tearing down camp and getting going and was on the trail in 30 minutes.

At around 8 I stopped to eat breakfast and dry out some of my stuff. After approximately 30 minutes I was on the trail again.

Heading down to scissors crossing it quickly became clear that it was going to be a hot day. I decided to skip Julian as I did not need the resupply. Instead I started towards the third gate cache which is the next water after scissors crossing. It was extremely hot going there and I think I should have taken a siesta during the hottest part of the day.

Once I had stocked up on water I pushed on a bit up the trail to clear room at the third gate and to make the hike in to Warner Springs shorter.

I camped at a small bivy site right next to the trail and after getting some food I tended to some small blisters in areas I have previously had issues.

I have sadly not found anyone to hike with yet because I seem to be going too far each day compared to others. I am not exactly sure if I should keep the same pace and hope I find someone with a similar pace out change it up. I expect there will be a lot of hikers in Warner Springs tomorrow so I can see what the pack looks like. Perhaps I should just get used to hiking alone a lot.